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The sweeter side of life.

Emmi Dessert USA (a division The Emmi Group, a global dairy & dessert conglomerate) is a leader in the wholesale dessert business. Our four sister companies: Taste It Presents,  Love & Quiches, The Cannoli Factory, & Joey’s Fine Foods, manufacture hundreds of exquisite and innovative desserts that reimagine restaurant menus and in-store dessert offerings throughout North America.

Our client base includes national restaurant chains, supermarkets, distributors, e-commerce/catalogs/meal kit companies, hotels, airlines, convenience stores, club stores, caterers, and more.

Emmi Dessert USA was established in 2020, and is built on strong foundations. Our Family Of Companies are rooted in four of the USA's leading dessert companies:

Each of these companies has decades of experience and success.  Read our timeline below to learn more...

1973 Love & Quiches

Founded in 1973 by an entrepreneurial businesswoman with a passion for cooking and a desire to put her quiche and sweets on the map, Love & Quiches Gourmet has evolved to become one of the USA’s leading dessert manufacturers specializing in cakes, brownies, dessert bars, quiche, and more. For 40 years, this Freeport, New York-based company has developed crowd-pleasing desserts servicing supermarkets, restaurant chains, airlines, the military, caterers, convenience stores, distributors & other venues around the country.  In 2017, Love & Quiches joined forces with Taste It Presents to offer their respective customers an even wider array of products, and in 2020 the company  merged with Emmi Dessert USA to become the family we are today.

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1983 The Cannoli Factory

Ten years later in 1983, in a garage in Westbury, New York, The Cannoli Factory was born. As it expanded and eventually moved to its current location in Wyandanch, New York, the Cannoli Factory gained a reputation for not only creating the best Cannoli in the Northeast USA, but some of the most beloved authentic Italian desserts in the area and nationally. The Cannoli Factory joined forces with Taste It Presents in 2005, and merged with EDUSA in 2020. Today, The Cannoli Factory creates impossible-to-resist Italian desserts, gourmet cakes, baked goods and other specialties for foodservice and retail clients throughout the U.S.

1984 Joey's Fine Foods

Just a year later, in April 1984, a father and son team purchased a small wholesale baking operation in Lyndhurst New Jersey called Local Baking Co. The company manufactured a variety of muffins, sliced cakes, Danish, and cookies. As the company grew, two major changes took place. Joey, remembering the great homemade black and white cookies his mom made for him as a child, decided to add them to his product line. Joey’s dad decided that these cookies were so directly associated with his son, he decided to name them Joey’s Black & Whites.


The name stuck and the company name was changed to Joey’s Fine Foods. After outgrowing the Lyndhurst shop, the company was moved to a larger facility in North Newark New Jersey. Fighting the temptation of automation, many of the products are still made by hand to this day!

1993 Taste It Presents

Our sweet adventure began in 1993 when our Founder John tasted a heavenly dessert on a hilltop village in Italy. That dessert – Tiramisu, was to change John’s destiny forever. He was so impressed with the dessert’s light & creamy texture and glorious flavor, that he returned to the U.S. determined to recreate this irresistible delicacy. John took his vision of popularizing authentic Italian desserts to master dessert & food innovator, Paula. The pair set to work, refining their dish until it was perfected. Our Tiramisu is still made the same way today.


This approach to dessert creation has remained the bedrock of Taste It Presents. Today, Taste It Presents conceives & creates some of the most well-loved desserts & baked goods in the foodservice & retail industries. We specialize in crowd-pleasing favorites, on & off-premise solutions, and custom signature desserts that build loyal followings.

2020 Emmi Dessert USA

In 2020, Taste It Presents, along with sister companies Love & Quiches, Joey’s Fine Foods and The Cannoli Factory, joined forces with The Emmi Group to form Emmi Dessert USA. The rest, as they say, is history!


Our journey doesn't end here...

because we are still expanding, including partnering with our sister company Emmi Dessert Italia to offer authentic Italian Retail and Foodservice desserts made in Italy by Italian chefs. The future is bright and we look forward to the possibility of working with you to continue to grow our business. 

To learn more about our product portfolio & capabilities, please visit our main website at:  Taste It Presents

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