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We are always seeking talented and skilled team members to join us. Please see our current job openings listed on Indeed and come back regularly for updates.

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Your Future At EDUSA

With four manufacturing sites in the New York/New Jersey metropolitan area, we employ team members who serve in a variety of positions, including production, distribution, supply chain, HR, finance, administrative, sales & marketing, IT, culinary, QA, management and executive leadership positions. We offer competitive salaries & wages, benefits (health, dental, vision, & prescription coverage), paid time off and lots of sweet moments creating high-quality desserts. Please click on the link below to visit EDUSA's Indeed page to see our current job listings.

A brief glance at the Emmi Dessert USA family

Emmi Dessert USA is organized into several departments. Together, we work in harmony to produce the best desserts in the business. Here is an overview of our various departments. 

EDUSA's Eyes Marketing & Innovation

We use our marketing EYES to help the company discover new innovative dessert trends, seek new business opportunities, and help our foodservice & retail clients shine with THEIR customers!

EDUSA's Ears Sales

We use our sales EARS to listen to our clients' needs and make recommendations based on what's right for THEIR operation.

EDUSA's Heart Supply Chain

We use our Supply Chain HEART to ensure our products are of exceptional quality: from sourcing ingredients to production to packaging, compliance and distribution. It's all about consistency & quality every step of the way.

EDUSA's Arms Operations

We use our operational ARMS to measure and optimize performance at our facilities. It’s our job to maximize capacity and production efficiency.

EDUSA's Belay Human Resources

Just as a belay keeps a mountaineer safe as they climb higher and higher, we support our team members as they scale new professional heights. We help them develop their talents and are there to prevent them from falling. Our goal is to strengthen and maintain our unique company culture.

EDUSA's Co-Pilot Finance

By carefully studying the path in front of us, we plot the route and give the right directions to help the company reach its destination as safely as possible.

EDUSA's Taste R&D

In the end, it's ALL about the taste. Our R&D team is constantly seeking new innovations and perfecting recipes to ensure each ideation is a culinary win- on flavor, texture, color, presentation & customer satisfaction.

EDUSA's Motor Information technology

Our information technology MOTOR provides the entire company with the energy, resources, and services it needs to operate at maximum efficiency.

EDUSA's Conscience Quality Assurance

QA provides the CONSCIENCE to ensure product safety at all levels, with rigorous food safety and quality assurance programs that achieve the highest levels on client and third party audits.