Emmi’s Vision and Values

Here at Emmi Dessert Italia, we put people first.

Whether they work for us or are external to our organisation, people are our most important asset. Innovation can only happen if we take a collaborative approach based on mutual respect and pool our various skills.

Working out how to keep our diverse consumer base happy is what drives us. And we know that the only way to achieve this is by really getting to know them and working out how to delight every single palate, whatever the dietary requirements.

We’ve given everyone a voice, from those at the top of our company to our newest recruits, from our suppliers to our customers. By laying the groundwork, we’re ready to grow as people and professionals. And our growth plan takes a keen interest in environmental sustainability, giving back to the community and championing young talent.

“The best dairy moments are Emmi moments. Unforgettable moments of bliss. For everyone.“

Emmi Dessert Italia was founded in 2018 with a rather ambitious goal: to become the world’s leading speciality dessert company.

We acquired three Italian companies, all of which were already key players in the national and international dessert markets. This decision has helped us lay the groundwork necessary to reach our goal. With such a critical growth plan ahead of us, we can’t afford to take a step wrong. The set of values that we share with Emmi Group, our Swiss parent company, are what set us apart. They will guide us along our journey.

Siamo Emmi
We are Emmi Dessert Italia

We are conscientious, focused, solution-oriented and entrepreneurial. Together we achieve more!

Orientati al cliente
We are market-oriented

We know what the market needs. We inspire enthusiasm and deliver first-class performance to create happy consumers and more successful customers - and deliver added value for Emmi.

Proattivi e tenaci
We are proactive and we are not afraid of hard work

We tackle challenges bravely, openly and proactively. We use change and different perspectives as opportunities to move forward.

We know how

We know what our goals are and take full responsibility for our destiny. We equip ourselves to master current and future challenges.

Miglioriamo continuamente
We are continually developing

We are proud to belong to Emmi and we identify with our products and services. We contribute to the sustainable development of the entire Group with respect and integrity.